Gas modular rack type dishwashers

• The ECO version pass-through dishwashers are fitted with an external hot water generator, gas heated, model GWB-40 (*).

• The generator replaces the electric rinse boiler in the dishwasher, bringing a significant saving in electricity consumption.

• Given the heating power of the generator, the dishwasher is for installation in facilities with a cold-water connection.

• The dishwasher has a motor pump to send the water from the generator to the rinse jets.

• The dishwasher incorporates a flow regulator to ensure constant water consumption.

• The first filling of the dishwasher wash tank takes place with water both from the generator and from the filling electrovalve.

  Model Racks / Hour Water litres/h Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CCO-180-I-ECO CCO-180-I-ECO 180 210 19,7 1.750x790x1.150 Download
CCO-180-D-ECO CCO-180-D-ECO 180 210 19,7 1.750x790x1.150 Download
CCO-225-I-ECO CCO-225-I-ECO 225 210 20,9 2.360x790x1.550 Download
CCO-225-D-ECO CCO-225-D-ECO 225 210 20,9 2.360x790x1.550 Download
CCO-270-D-ECO CCO-270-D-ECO 270 240 21,9 2.660x790x1.550 Download
CCO-320-I-ECO CCO-320-I-ECO 320 240 29,1 3.260x790x1.550 Download
CCO-320-D-ECO CCO-320-D-ECO 320 240 29,1 3.260x790x1.550 Download
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