• Surface top manufactured in 1.5 mm thick AISI-304 stainless steel, with rounded edges for easy cleaning.

• Raised edge to allow cooking at barbecue level, with no superstructure.

• Very thick base in refractory steel to bear the charcoal, with perforations to improve air circulation and provide better combustion.

• Inner floor and walls of the robata protected by refractory brick to insulate and concentrate the heat and improve efficiency.

• Sinks in the tank for easy withdrawal of th


• Robata on stainless steel unit for independent use.

• Can be used from both sides.

• 150 mm free work-surface on both sides of the robata.

• Equipped with 4 wheels (two with brake).

• Includes folding frame on one side to accommodate two GN 1/9 trays.

• Comes with two large, multi-purpose drawers with reinforced guides.

• Superstructure in stainless steel profile with 3 different levels.

• 82 mm for cooking

• 239 mm for slow cooking of the core

• 396 mm to preheat or maintain the temperature of the product.

• Includes brochette rests, distance-adjustable to hold brochettes of different lengths.

• The superstructure is dismountable, without the need for tools, to allow cooking at barbecue level.

• Tank insulated with 30 mm of rock wool to prevent temperature loss and improve the ergonomics of your work.

• Outer body separated from the tank, in stainless steel, with perforations to allow external air flow that improves heat dissipation.

• Includes 1 or 2 drawers for ash collection.


• Robatas designed for installation onto furniture of the premises.

• Height of surface top of the supporting unit: 570 mm, to allow a working height of 900 mm.

• If positioned against a wall (whether of the building or a perimeter of the surface top), leave 5 cm between the Robata and the ends of the wall to allow heat dispersal.



• Poker for keeping the embers alive.

• Stainless steel mesh grill for cooking food without the use of brochettes.

• Stainless steel grill for cooking and marking meat.


  Model Grills dimensions LEVELS OF THE SUPERSTRUCTURE POWER IN CARBON EQUIVALENT (kW) Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
RGF-060 RGF-060 355x216 3 1 590x450x330 -
RGF-100 RGF-100 800x216 3 2 1.030x450x330 -
RGF-1000 RGF-1000 800x216 3 2 1.030x850x900 -
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