Commercial refrigeration

Whether you wish to cool, store or display food and drink, we are the leaders in the market with an extensive range of refrigeration appliances. With a huge variety in terms of size, applications, features and finishes.


The chill blasters in our catalogue, both for refrigeration (where the temperature of the food is lowered from +65 ºC to +3 ºC in less than 90 minutes) and for mixed service (refrigeration or freezing, from + 65 ºC to -18 ºC in less than 4 hours), range from the small tabletop appliance for 3 trays, to large chill blasting cells able to store the 20 level GN-2/1 container trolleys from our ovens.


The cold refrigeration CONCEPT line is available for table-tops and as refrigeration chambers in the Gastronorm, Snack and Pastry ranges. With a huge variety in size and features, all the appliances are manufactured in high quality stainless steel on all the surfaces in contact with food. Thus guaranteeing increased levels of hygiene.