GLOBE CABINETS - Concept Snack


Refrigeration pastry cabinet

• High quality austenitic stainless steel inside and outside (except for galvanized back panel).
• 50 mm, 40 kg/m3 injected polyurethane isolation.
• Stainless steel inside with robust tray slides for standard 600 x 400 mm baking trays (up to 17 levels).
• The standard equipment includes 3 plastic covered steel baking trays.
• Copper piping and aluminium flaps evaporator with rust free protective coating.
• Digital display for electronic and digital control of temperature and defrosting.
• Opened door delay alarm.
• Self-closing and stay open doors. When opened less than 90º they close by themselves. When opened more than 135º they stay open.
• Built in drainage to get rid of waste liquids inside the unit.
• Embedded bottom and curved panels inside for easy cleaning and maintenance.
• LED lighting system.
• Removable plastic covered steel grid shelves for easy cleaning. Equipment: 3 shelves per large door.
• Height adjustable stainless steel legs.
• Forced draught cooling system to keep the working temperature between +2 ºC and +8 ºC (38 ºC room temperature).

  Model Energy efficiency Gross capacity (l) Annual consumption kW/year Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
EAPP-701 EAPP-701 G
Energy G

Consumo anual de electricidad : 1132 kWh/annum

Volumen neto (litros): 303 L

Volumen neto congelación (litros): L L

Clase climática: G XYºC-YZ%

574 1132 760x742x2006 Download
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