Fagor Industrial fits out three of the seven best Spanish restaurants in the world


Oñati, Guipúzcoa, 29 April 2014. - Fagor Industrial has fitted out three of the world's 50 best restaurants, included in the latest ranking drawn up by the well-known British magazine.

At a gala event held on 28 April at the London Guildhall, seven Spanish restaurants were among the World's 50 best restaurants, confirming the international importance of cuisine from Spain. Three of the award-winners were fitted out by Fagor Industrial, thus providing the very heart of their businesses with the latest technology and most sophisticated equipment adapted to their requirements. The Arzak, Martín Berasategui and Mugaritz restaurants are among the most renowned in the world.

Mugaritz Restaurant

Ranked in sixth place, the Mugaritz restaurant holds two prestigious Michelin stars and was fitted out from scratch by Fagor Industrial in 2010, after being razed to the ground in a fire. The equipment installed ranged from new refrigerated storage zones and cold preparation zones on the basement floor, to cooking appliances including a made-to-measure Symphony kitchen finished with a white Silestone worktop. In addition, Fagor Industrial was responsible for the supervision and assembly of a new washing zone and a plunge zone for washing kitchen utensils. The waiters' utility zone was also rebuilt, and included wine cabinets, water cabinets, coffee machines and everything else required for the dining room service.

Arzak Restaurant

With 3 Michelin stars, the Arzak Restaurant has, for the third year running, held eighth place in the ranking. In December 2004, Fagor Industrial was employed as supplier for the remodelling of the kitchen, a highly challenging project, both in terms of the personalisation of the products and in the project for the installation of these products. Through their distributor, Hosfrinor, Fagor Industrial installed a personalised kitchen to meet the needs of Juan Mari Arzak: spacious cooking areas and machinery to keep food just right. Given these requirements, a Symphony kitchen block was installed that perfectly matched technical and aesthetic requirements, while permitting better use of space.

Martín Berasategui Restaurant

The Martin Berasategui restaurant climbed the ranking to 35th place, thus confirming its position among the top 50. As in the above examples, at the end of 2013 Berasategui entrusted Fagor Industrial to carry out the renovation of the kitchen in their hallmark restaurant, holder of 3 Michelin stars. The installation, fitted by Fagor Industrial, included two made-to-measure Symphony kitchens, adapted to the chef's requirements. The installation was completed with small appliances that allow the chef to attend to every detail on his plates.

The ranking is drawn up by more than 900 gastroexperts, including critics, analysts, chefs, observers and culinary writers.

“This list of restaurants is a good example of the levels of professional standards that we share with the premises to which we supply”, declares Peio Bengoetxea, Director of Marketing at Fagor Industrial. “Two of the points that define our work in Fagor Industrial are work and the urge to excel in order to offer top quality equipment to the best professionals to enable them to maintain the levels which have made them worthy of this classification”, says Bengoetxea.

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