Hot trolleys with humidity control

All parts of the trolley have been carefully analysed and tested to offer maximum temperature performance in the interior, bearing in mind the following most important requirements: ease of use, minimum maintenance and facilitation of cleaning tasks.

- Modern and intuitive electronic control panels.

- Double walled sides and door, insulated with high density polyurethane, giving great robustness and firmness.

- Recessed monoblock guides with wide radii, guaranteeing maximum hygiene.

- Efficient heat production system composed of heating element and fan.

- Recessed water reservoir with rounded corners. The heat is produced by a highperformance silicon heating element.

- 4-level humidity regulation system to adapt to the different products kept inside. The humidity system can also be fully switched off, reducing energy consumption.

- The 270° opening door offers users maximum freedom of movements and safety during daily use, increasing comfort and well-being during work operations.

- The inner door panel is completely smooth and free from any elements that might prevent thorough cleaning.

- No heat loss. Door seal fixed to the frame of the structure. Can be replaced easily without the need for tools.

- The whole perimeter is protected by a bumper, manufactured in resistant, non-marking material.

- Pivoting wheels, 2 with brakes.

- Manufactured completely in AISI-304 stainless steel.

- Heat system designed to reach the operational temperature in a very short space of time.

- Electronic membrane keypad and digital display.

- Ergonomic latch with lock.

- Modern, elegant and very robust design.

- Operational temperature 30 °C to 90 °C.

- Storage of GN 2/1 y GN 1/1 trays with depth of up to 65 mm.

  Model Doors Levels GN-2/1 (Distance 60 mm) Power (W) Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CCHF-10 CCHF-10 1 10 2.000 790x935x1.215 Download
CCHF-20 CCHF-20 1 20 2.000 790x935x1.855 Download
CCHF-40 CCHF-40 2 40 3.500 1.525x935x1.885 Download
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